Par-T-On is a "non profit" Social Golf club based in Bali


Where we play

The courses where we play


With each convened golf competition a percentage of the prize pot is donated to several worthy charities in Bali. 

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Where we play

The courses where we play


With each convened golf competition a percentage of the prize pot is donated to several worthy charities in Bali.

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Why Join Par-T-On Social Golf Club? 

We pride ourselves on being the fun club in Bali. As with other clubs we have secured preferred rates at all 4 golf course and have convened competitions at different courses every week. What differentiates us from others is that we are the lowest cost club to join and always the last ones socialising. During inter-club events it is not hard to find the Par-T-On club members as we are typically the only ones left after the prize presentations.


The fee for the January 2023 – December 2023 year is RP500,000 for Bali Residents with Kitas or Kitap and RP500,000 for others. This will be the last year at the discounted rate as we foresee an increase in expenses for handicapping software and social media management in the near future.


I planned a holiday in Bali and the only way I could afford to play regular golf was to find a local social golf group with more affordable
green fee rates. After googling “social golf group Bali” I discovered a group called ParTOn Social Golf. What a great bunch of people. I
ended up playing golf 3 times a week for the 4 weeks that I stayed in Bali and saved a heap of money. In fact, I managed to win one event
and the prize money basically paid for most of my golf fees on that day. Lots of socialising and merriment after the game and got to meet
and make friends with a lot of people from all around the world.

Avid Golfer Alistair

Perth Western Australia

The best golf courses in Bali at the moment. Sufficient challenging but also not too difficult and suitable for all handicap levels. Very neat and well maintained garden course. Caddies well mannered, experienced and always ready for advice when asked.

Max Yap


To everyone with Par t on golf social I just want to say thank you for a great 3 months of golf it was a pleasure being a part of this group it was a blast and especially to the organizers who do this for the love of golf you guys and ladies do an awesome job and if anyone is going to be in Canada and you need a golf partner reach to me and I’ll gladly have a round a beer waiting for you so see you guys in the future and have a good round in The Masters!! peace ✌️



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