From the Men’s Vice Captain

I am Henk Pouels, 62 years old, married to Nita, living on Bali for two years, after our early retirement. We are blessed with having four young adults as children, both we have two from a previous marriage.

Joining Par5, later merged to Par-T-On, I got to know the Bali golf courses, the competitions, and the great effort the committee members made and continue to make, to provide all members with unforgettable golf AND social experiences. I knew that at some point I wanted to contribute “something” to assist the social golf society, having so much fun on the course, I know it is not “just happening”, there are always members needed who do the extra mile to give the playing members such nice times.

I am a fanatic golfer, addicted to the sport, and passionate trying to play the best to my abilities, which are currently set around HCP 20/21.

Due to my new life on Bali, I resigned from my board membership as treasurer from a golf club of 1200 members in Holland. Finance and Operations has been a major part of my working career and gave me the knowledge to contribute on the development of the golf club in Holland, especially during the tough times with COVID.

I am happy to join the committee of Par-T-On, and to do all the necessary to assist all members to have their best golf experiences on Bali, especially at our wonderful social club Pat-T-On.

I was pleasantly surprised that the committee, which I only recently joined, asked me for the position of vice-captain, next to the new elected captain Sami. We as a committee are grateful for the trust that members give us.

Especially I thank Stevo and Muzz, for their efforts given, to help me feel at home at Par-T-On.

I am always accessible for all members, as well as vice-captain as well as personally, let us step forward together, a great club is made by its great members!

Best regards,

Henk Pouels
Bali, September 2023