From the Men’s Captain

I’m writing to express my gratitude for electing me as the new Club Captain during our recent Annual General Meeting. This is an honour I wholeheartedly embrace, and I thank you for your trust.

I’d also like to acknowledge our outgoing captain, Stevo, for his remarkable leadership. He’ll continue to be part of the committee, contributing to our future success.

I’m excited to introduce our dedicated committee members:

  • Vice-Captain: Henk Pouels
  • Ladies Club Captain: Joan Clara Yoanna
  • Ladies Vice Captain: Ratnawati Ni Wayan
  • Indonesian Affairs Advisor: Herdy Sayogha
  • Treasurer: Murray Harris (Muzz)
  • Social Media Manager: Paul Hammer
  • Sponsorship: Geoff Wighton
  • General Members: Steve Curry, Stuart Blacklock, Michael Stevenson

For more words from Steve and the two new club captains, please click the link below:

In the coming months, we’ll focus on our Medals Winners Competition and Christmas Bash. These events celebrate our top performers and the holiday season.

Additionally, we’re expanding our calendar with diverse events, social gatherings, and inter-club competitions. These initiatives will bring us closer as a golfing community and provide opportunities for golfers of all levels.

Your participation in these events is crucial. Your enthusiasm and sportsmanship make our society exceptional, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere we aim to maintain.

To follow up from the AGM, the committee is reviewing options for software options for golf bookings. Given the potential fees involved, we want to be sure any change is value added to our members. Regarding the structure of PTO, e.g. forming a Yayasan, again we are seeking advice on this matter. We hope to provide feedback to members before the end of 2023 on both of these matters.

Our vision is clear: to foster a golfing community based on camaraderie, inclusivity, and excellence. We want every member, regardless of skill level, to feel they belong. We aim to build a legacy in golf and in our hearts, united by friendship and community.

With innovation, camaraderie, and a wide range of events, Par-T-On Social Golf Club will continue to flourish. Together, we’ll shape an unforgettable golfing experience.

Feel free to reach out with any ideas, concerns, or suggestions at / +62 81237 755589.

Warm regards,

Sami,  Club Captain,  Par-T-On Social Golf Club

Bali, October 2023


It happened again, and no it wasn’t Hans!  In June, Vladimir nailed a hole in one on the 5th hole at Bali National during a Tee It Up Thursday event. Not sure if he keeps that shirt on hand for all his photo ops, but with his silky skills on the golf course, who are we tell him how to dress.

On a personal note, the Editor would like to thank Vlad for setting the new standard for how-to put-on beers after a hole in one. A truly remarkable display, with near endless supply for one and sundry. Something for all future players to heed.

Something else to heed, unlike poor Vlad, take out the HOLE IN ONE INSURANCE. It will ease the pain of paying for all those beers.

Par-T-On Eclectic Cup

Congratulations to Jon Shilling for taking out the Par-T-On Eclectic tournament, which stretched over six intense weeks over June and July. Jon’s consistent performance earned him an eclectic score of 9 under 62.

Runner up was taken out by Bali Island Golf’s Taylor. Again, showing the potential that this young man has in the game of golf. He’s one to keep an eye on into the future.

Par Cup Tournament & Joker Poker

Back in July, in the final of the Par Cup, Mikhail defeated Ratna in stylish fashion, under horrendous conditions. Congratulations to Mikael who showed strong form over the 6 weeks leading into the finals. Ratna started late but likewise dominated when she turned up, to make the final. The editor spent the more hours drinking beer on the 11th hole hut than on course that day, proving that finishing the round was an achievement itself. So, congratulations for Mikael and Ratna on persevering.

The evening also saw the closing of the Joker Poker event. Congratulations to Duncan. His deep pockets gave him plenty of shots at winning, and managed to win on the 2nd last chance. 

Member’s Article

In this edition, our own scratch golfer Jon Shilling presents in his own words how to become a Golf Yogi: Finding Harmony on the Greens

In the article linked below, our own scratch golfer Jon Shilling presents in his own words how to find harmony on the greens, through the pursuit of becoming a Golf Yogi.  In this insightful article, Jon explores the intricate relationship between mindfulness practices and stress reduction. Delving into the impact of mindfulness on mental well-being, the article discusses various techniques and their effectiveness in managing stress, offering practical tips for incorporating mindfulness into daily routines. These practices not only mitigate stress but also enhances overall quality of life, making it a must-read for anyone seeking a harmonious balance in today’s fast-paced world.

Read More >>>>>



Are you ready to showcase your golfing prowess and photography skills? The PTO Committee presents the Golf Photo Competition! Show off your love for the game and win fantastic prizes!

How to Participate:

Capture Your Best Golf Moment: While you’re out on the golf course, snap a photo that truly captures the essence of your golfing experience. Whether it’s a picturesque landscape, a perfect swing, or a fun moment with friends, we want to see it all!

Tag Us:

Share your photo on Instagram or Facebook and make sure to tag the PTO. Use the hashtag #PTOGOLF so we can easily find your entry.

Submission Deadline: All entries must be posted by November 30th 2023, to be eligible for consideration.

1st and 2nd Place: Will receive a sleeve of premium golf balls to enhance your game and bragging rights as the Golf Photo Champion! The photos will be included in our next newsletter.

Judging Criteria:

Our PTO Committee will evaluate each entry based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and uniqueness of the photo.
  • How well the photo captures the spirit of golf.
  • Quality of the composition and visual appeal.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • You must be a member of the Golf Social Group to participate.
  • You can submit up to three photos, but each must be unique.
  • Make sure your Instagram/Facebook profiles are set to ‘public’ so we can view your entry.
  • By participating, you grant PTO the right to use your photos for promotional purposes.

Get your cameras ready, golfers! It’s time to tee off and snap the perfect shot. Let’s see who can capture the heart and soul of our golfing community. Good luck and may the best golfer-photographer win! 📸⛳ #PTOGOLF

For inspiration, some pics from Nigel and Rina (congrats again on the fantastic hole in one Rina) below.

Par-T-On Sponsors

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the generous sponsors who have shown unwavering support for our club. Without their dedication and commitment, our club’s mission would be far more challenging to achieve.

A special thanks to Winx Sports Bar and James Cook Sports Bar for sponsoring Nearest to Pin competitions over the last several months.

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Par-T-On Charities

As always, a portion of all Par-T-On events goes towards supporting charities. As we move forward, PTO will focus on supporting the Suryani Institute for Mental Health, and Chloe Orphans. Their Instagram details are below for those wishing to know more.